Goal 1 - Improve student achievement of state and local education standards in all areas of the curriculum by using best practices methods. (Legislative)

Goal 2 - Effectively meet the needs of a diverse student population, including at-risk children, children with disabilities, and gifted children, within the regular classroom and other settings. (Legislative)

Goal 3 - Provide an inclusive curriculum for a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse student population that is consistent with the state education diversity rule and the district's education diversity plan. (Legislative)

Goal 4 - Improve staff collaboration and develop mentoring and peer coaching programs for teachers new to the school and district. (Legislative)

Goal 5 - Effectively teach and model violence prevention policy and curriculum that address early intervention alternatives, issues of harassment, and teach nonviolent alternatives for conflict resolution. (Legislative)

Goal 6 - Provide teachers and other members of site-based management teams with appropriate management and financial management skills. (Legislative)

Goal 7 - Provide school-wide experiences and programs that foster a positive overall school climate, increased trust and unity among faculty, staff, school board, families, and community members. (District)

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